JigTech Pro Installation Kit

£84.00 (inc. VAT)

Everything you need to install the perfect door handle and latch. Every time.

Kit includes;

  • The Jig
  • 44mm holesaw & arbor
  • 25mm holesaw & arbor
  • 32mm Spade Bit
  • Keep Locator
  • Latch Tapper

The Jig is the integral part of the Jigtech concept. Designed by industrial designers in the UK to Dale Hardwares specification, working alongside a team of joiners to ensure every consideration is made for accuracy and time saving.

  • Auto-centring clamp
  • Adjustable for 44mm and 57mm latches
  • Includes allen keys for handle fitting
  • Rubber seal for compression on veneered doors
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