MEXCO 11 Piece Diamond Core Drill Kit

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11 Piece Core Drill Kit – Slotted.
Mexco core drill sets are available in both 7 & 11 piece versions, the DCX90 range of dry core drills kits are ideal for the plumber, builder and general tradesman providing a compact and versatile core drill kit for drilling holes in general masonry products.

Applications: Drilling Soft Facing Brick, Drilling Concrete Blocks, Drilling Hard Sandstone, Drilling Coarse Sandstone, Drilling Soft Slate, Drilling Breeze Block & Drilling Lignacite Blocks.

The Mexco 11 piece core drill kit contains:

38mm Dry Core Drill
52mm Dry Core Drill
65mm Dry Core Drill
117mm Dry Core Drill
127mm Dry Core Drill
80mm SDS Adaptor
250mm SDS Adaptor
80mm Hex Adaptor
250mm Hex Adaptor
10mm x 175mm A-Taper Pilot Drill
Drift Key

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