Optimaxx Woodscrew Assortment Case (1000)

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The Optimaxx 1000pc Compact Case is robust and convenient, featuring 7 removable and reconfigurable compartments of 2 sizes offering perfect storage for a wide range of screw sizes. The carry-case is preconfigured with 1000 Optimaxx extreme performance wood screws across 7 popular sizes to provide an all-round solution.

? Unique 24 grooves self countersink into all materials without the need to counter bore
? Double reinforced collar strengthens underside of the head
? Sharp, wide, deep thread formation coated with a unique lubricant facilitates fast continuous insertion
? Sharp saw-tooth formation cut out of the bottom threads enable fast penetration without a pilot hole
? Razor sharp point with the thread starting at the very tip gives you an immediate start even in the hardest, smoothest surfaces
? 1000pc Compact Case Contains: Size (mm) QTY 3.5 x 16 220/ 3.5 x 20 220/ 4.0 x 25 160/ 4.0 x 30 120 /4.0 x 40 150/ 5.0 x 50 80/ 5.0 x 70 50

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