Reisser Crate Mate Metal 4 wheel Base Plate (with braking wheels)

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Metal 4 wheel base plate, with braking wheels, for Reisser Crate Mate.

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High quality self locking storage system

A practical and versatile system, Crate Mate offers a quality solution for the transporting and storage of tools, equipment and fixings in a professional and flexible way.

Enhanced technical and structural features exceed alternative systems on the market, making it an irreplaceable partner on the job!

Self Balancing Handle

Unique design handle distributes weight more evenly for more comfortable handling during transport. Stows flat when stacked for ease of use.

Patented Side Locking System

2 spring-loaded snap locks automatically lock cases together when placed on top of one another. Only one hand is needed. 4 feet on the bottom of the case guide the top-case easily into position for a secure connection.

Larger Internal Volume

than most others on the market, offering greater storage options to carry more tools and products.

Highest Quality German ABS

Manufactured with thicker profiles, more material and unique design features, the Crate Mate is tough, waterproof and robust to give years of protection to your tools.


The range of accessories allows you to build the system you need.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 47 × 11 cm

Crates not included.